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Q Is the gel safe for my nails?
A There is no need for harsh filing or buffing of the nail plate in order for the gel to adhere to it therefore there is no natural nail damage. However if you pick at the gel and pull it off then there is a chance you could damage the first few layers of your natural nail. Leaving it to a professional to remove, with the correct solution, is the healthiest option.

Q How long will the gel last on my nails?
A It all depends on your lifestyle; how harshly you treat your hands in day to day life and the natural make up of your own nails. They can last between 10 day to 3 weeks, but treating your nails as jewels and not tools will help to extend the life span of the gel.

Q Can I paint over the gel nails?
A Yes you can paint over the OPI Gel, as long as a base coat is applied first. This will prevent any colour marking the gel underneath. To remove the colour, an acetone free nail varnish remover must be used to avoid damaging the gel underneath.

Q How long after having my ears pierced can I go swimming?
A According to the NHS Medical Website you should avoid swimming for 48 hours after having a piercing and ideally until it has healed properly.

Q Can anyone have a wax treatment?
A Anyone can have waxing as long as you don’t have an allergy to the type of wax used, or suffer from varicose veins, skin disease or deep cuts on or around the areas to be waxed. Anyone under the age of 16, wishing to have waxing done. will have to be accompanied by an adult.

Q What should I wear for a waxing treatment?
A Depending on the waxing treatment the therapist would advise what should be worn, all of which would be discussed during the consultation beforehand. Complimentary disposable thongs or briefs will be provided if your treatment require.

Q How should I prepare for waxing?
A If it is possible, shower beforehand. Do not shave or do any home preparation as you may trim the hair incorrectly. We will do that for you. Depending on the type of waxing, the therapist will inform you during your consultation. We also provide disposable thongs or briefs, where appropriate.

Q What should I avoid doing after having a wax treatment?
A Exposing the skin to sun for at least 48 hours. Having a hot bath or sauna for 24 hours. Performing any exercise where excessive sweating would commence for 24 hours. Applying body moisturisers or lotions for 24 hours.

Q How long should I leave it between treatments?
A For each individual the timing will vary from 4 – 6 weeks depending on how fast hair grows. To gain the biggest benefit, three consecutive treatments would be required in order to stabilise the hair growth rate and make maintenance more effective.

Q Will eyelash extensions damage my own lashes?
A Bear in mind that when you no longer have extensions, the contrast may make you believe at first that they are damaged, but please don’t worry, it’s just the contrast that makes them appear shorter.